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Steve Nickerson Shihan

steve-nickerson-7th-dan7th Dan

The Makotokan Dojo Chief Instructor, Steve Nickerson Shihan, is a 7th Degree Black Belt whose international teaching license and Black Belt certificate were issued by the Honbu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan. Nickerson Shihan began his Aikido training in 1992 and served as the Chief Instructor of the Buseikan Dojo in Borden, Ontario until 1997. During this time, he was involved in an intensive program of Aikido training at the Seidokan Dojo. As a result of the training and support he received, Nickerson Shihan received his Shodan and instructors certificate directly from Soke Gozo Shioda in 1994.

In 1995, Nickerson Shihan was a participant in the first ever International Instructor’s Gasshuku held in Japan. During his stay in Japan, Nickerson Shihan received training from the highest ranked Yoshinkan Aikido Instructors in the world. That same year, he was honoured by the Canadian Forces when he was awarded with the Canadian Forces Command Athlete of the Year in recognition of his leadership, service to the community and his accomplishments in Yoshinkan Aikido.

While serving in the Canadian Forces, Nickerson Shihan relocated to Halifax, Nova Scotia where he established the opening of his new Dojo, the Makotokan, in 1997. While in Halifax, he served on a Canadian Patrol Ship. During his tour, Nickerson Shihan served on the Ship’s Boarding Team where he obtained further training in Empty Hand Control, Mechanical Restraints, Intermediate Weapons and Small Arms. Nickerson Shihan also holds certification in Pressure Point and Unarmed Tactics and has conducted seminars to several groups including Infantry Unarmed Combat, Military Police, Law Enforcement and Naval Boarding Team personnel.

Nickerson Shihan left the Canadian Forces in 1999 after serving 12 years and receiving the Canadian Decoration (CD Medal). In 2001, he moved from Halifax and opened a second Dojo in Greenwood, Nova Scotia under the Makotokan name. In addition to operating both Dojos, Nickerson Shihan owns and operates his own business, a Philatelic Proprietorship. Nickerson Shihan also teaches Aikido curriculums at several Private and Public Schools and provides technical support to Aikido Dojos in New Brunswick and elsewhere. Nickerson Shihan also provides defensive tactics training to law enforcement and military personnel and provides women’s self defense instruction in specialty clinics. Nickerson Shihan is dedicated to furthering the growth of Yoshinkan Aikido and works tirelessly to this end.